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Who We Are - The Running With Wings Foundation

Through our events and scholarships, we aim to educate families and parents - to help them to provide the support and structure necessary to bring awareness

Promoting Awareness and Raising Financial Aid for Survival Swim Lessons

Our initial focus is that we want to help raise funds to create financial scholarships for parents and families who would like to put their child through survival swim lessons.

We plan to partner with several organizations around the country, one of which is Infant Swimming Resource (ISR), who is instrumental in bringing highly trained coaches and instructors to all parts of the world in water survival training.

Emotional Support Services Promotion

Another amazing organization that also helped our family tremendously, immediately following the accident, was a local Cincinnati-based foundation called Fernside. Established in 1986, Fernside is the nation's second oldest children's grief center, remaining today a national leader in providing grief support services and outreach and education to the community and families

Fernside provides all services free of charge with the help of generous donors who support their mission. Unfortunately, we know there are thousands of families that are living a similar journey as ours so we also want to bring emotional support for them as well as help financially as they experience the burden of laying their child to rest.